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We are the premier online profile provider for licensed adoption agencies and attorneys such as Adored Adoption Agency, a non-profit licensed agency. We are also a part of the exclusive Adored Adoption Network!

After spending the last 20 years working in the adoption field and building the largest adoption consulting firm in the US, ADORED’s founders decided to create a company that combines the very best adoption support, highest ethics, with present day technology and creative design.

Great design is not just seen… it is felt. Adoption should not be cold and commercial. It is life changing and life giving. We’re creating a soft, safe place to make lasting connections. 

We want to change the adoption industry for the better, one connection at a time. Won’t you join us? Let’s make a difference!

Get to know the Adored team of Social Workers, Birth Parents, Graphic Designers, Videographers, Story Tellers, & Adoption Professionals!

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Allie Thaxton

Allie is a graphic designer and enjoys using her eye for design and love for storytelling to serve adoption families. She comes with years of experience in the creative industry, mainly photography, branding, and design. Allie, her husband, Cam, and two kids live in Louisville, KY. She is passionate about being a faithful church member, wife, and mother. Allie is honored to play a small role in God’s greater story for each family touched by adoption. 

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Leah Outten

Leah serves as Adored’s Birth Parent Advocate and Copy Editor for Profiles. She provides consultations with adoptive parents to give them advice on how to effectively communicate with expectant/birth parents including how to write their profile narrative. She also serves as the Copy Editor for the profiles providing feedback on each profile. 

Leah is a birth mother of 19+ years in a fully open adoption and a mother of 5 that she parents with her husband. She has been writing, speaking, and serving the adoption community since 2004.  Sharing vulnerably about the beauty and aches as a birth mother, she aims to inspire hope and show how open adoption can be done well.

Leah’s writing and story have been featured on national platforms including Focus On The Family, Epoch Times, and HuffPost. Her memoir, The Sixteenth Year, will be available soon.

Christalyn Orupabo

Christalyn finds her greatest joy in her role as a Mommy. Born and raised in Hawai’i, she has a B.S. in Business Administration and 12+ years of experience working in Healthcare. Some of her hobbies are wedding/party planning, DIYs, reading and journaling. She has a huge heart for children and is passionate about people. 7 years of waiting and walking through infertility, led Chris and her husband to commit a wholehearted “yes” in 2021 to adoption and they adopted their first child in the Fall of 2022. Through her journey she has become passionate about encouraging and helping other families “in the wait”. 





Gabe Pattison, Adored Designer

Gabe pattison

Gabe is a designer with 15 years of experience in the creative industry working in branding, advertising and product design. He brings a level of passion that elevates the stories he tells through his work. Gabe, his wife Abbey, and their son Oliver live in Minnesota and enjoy being on the water as much as possible. 2 years ago they started their own adoption journey and are so excited for the day when they can welcome in a new member of their family through this incredible gift.

Our Creative TEAM + Adoption professionals

Our decades of adoption experience + our creative expertise make us uniquely qualified to tell your family’s story.

our promise to you

1. We hear you! We will take the time to listen and get to know you and where you are on your adoption journey.

2. We’ll help you! No matter what path you’re on, we’ll help take the next step on your adoption journey!  

3. We’ll work together to help you make a lasting connection! 

4. You’ll be heard, seen, and honored! Adored’s end result will be a beautifully woven story that honors all parts of the adoption triad. 


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