“We promise that in our home, your child will be loved to no end and that we will devote our entire lives to providing the best life possible for them.”

hello, we are

Caitlin, John, & Mia

We are humbled and grateful that you are taking the time to view our profile, get to know us, and consider us as adoptive parents for your sweet child. We hope that we can convey to you who we are and how much love we have already for you and your child. 

We promise that your child will always know how much you love him or her, and how you made such a brave, selfless decision that was because of that deep love. We admire and respect the great love, care, and consideration you have given to your child and continue to give to them as you consider adoption.

We promise that in our home your child will be loved to no end and that we will devote our entire lives to providing the best life possible for them. Whether we are having dance parties in the kitchen, or taking a great adventure to travel somewhere new, or anywhere in between, we will provide a safe home full of love, support, and joy.

-Caitlin & John

why adoption

We experienced unexplained infertility for three years before conceiving our daughter, Mia. By that point, we had both been examined by specialists and could not find any reason why we were unable to conceive. We are three years into unexplained infertility again. This time, when we found ourselves in this position, we felt God open our hearts to a new way of growing our family and we are so excited to be on the path to adoption. 

Growing up, I (Caitlin) had two cousins who were adopted and I was always trying to convince my mom to adopt a sibling into our own family. Starting at a young age, I always had adoption somewhere in my heart when imagining what my family could look like. A few years ago, our niece was adopted into our family, and getting to witness this tremendous blessing as married adults brought the concept of adopting a child to the forefront of our hearts. As we found ourselves in this second round of unexplained infertility, we felt an overwhelming peace as we came to realize that God was opening our path to move forward in starting the adoption process. 

Lovely to “meet” you!

  I'm caitlin

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Hey, there!

  I'm john

A Few Of our
Favorite Things


Going to games


We enjoy going to sporting events together! John is an encyclopedia of sports, and I love going to sporting events and asking as many questions as I want. We always have a blast together watching the game, eating popcorn, and cheering on the team in person.




We love going to concerts, and we enjoy a wide array of music. Whether it is classical guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriella or country music stars Little Big Town, we find ourselves dancing, singing, and having a great time! 


Enjoying the little things


We also love to do simple things together, like try out new restaurants, go for walks, cook at home, or enjoy John’s guitar playing and singing. Parenting and working life can get busy. Taking time to enjoy each other’s company helps us keep remembering to have fun with each other and enjoy life together! 

Family time



Almost every Sunday, we have a family lunch after church with our family on John’s side. There are two grandparents, eight adults, ten grandkids, and three dogs, so there is never a dull moment! We often meet our family on Caitlin’s side at a puppet show, the aquarium, a town festival, or just someone’s house. 

Meet Mia

Mia is three years old. She has always loved music, dancing, dolls, and princesses. As she turned three, she started to gain a really fun sense of humor and a love of superheroes! Mia is a people person. She loves to make new friends and always wants to be part of the conversation. Mia is also very caring. She is constantly singing a song from her favorite show Daniel Tiger, “Whatever you do, think about what other people need too!” She tells us daily that she can’t wait to be a mom, and in the meantime, she wants to care for anyone she sees who needs help. If one of her cousins falls, she is the first to hug them, sing them a feel-better song, or bring them an ice pack. Mia is really looking forward to having a new sibling! 


A peek into

our home

We live in the suburbs of a major city in a four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom house. The neighborhood community is one of our favorite things about this house. More than loving the swimming pool, tennis courts, and a clubhouse, we love that our neighborhood is full of young families, and on any given afternoon, a walk can turn into a spontaneous front-yard play date. During the summer, we spend as much time as we can at the neighborhood pool, often with our neighbors and family. These are the same neighbors we celebrate holidays with and can always reach out to for support. We also spend a lot of time in our backyard. We love to kick or throw around a ball, grill out when the weather is nice, host a birthday party, or have the neighbors over.

home sweet home

what we are about...

“In our family, we value our faith in God, and how we are called to hold Christian values like humility, courage, generosity, and faithfulness. Our family supports each other– we are a team! We value the uniqueness of each individual and help each other be the best people we can be.”


We believe the most important part of a person’s life is their relationship with God. Heaven is where we are meant to be, and the best way to get there is a strong faith in God. Without faith, life becomes incredibly difficult. With faith, you have a great and irreplaceable gift.


In our family, we believe it is important to foster and grow the unique gifts God gave us. Our talents, body, and mind are gifts from God. In our family, we will encourage, challenge, and support each other to be responsible stewards of these gifts.


To live a full and joyful life, you cannot take yourself too seriously. Humor is what brings so much joy and happiness to life. Being able to laugh and make other people laugh is a small but wonderful way to make the world a better place.


We believe that relationships matter deeply. This starts with those God has placed closest to us, our family, and extends to each person we connect with in our lives and community. We believe in valuing those connections with love and respect.


before you go

We want you to know how much love and respect we already have for you and how much we will love and treasure your child. We will stop at nothing to give your child a life full of joy during the good times, support during the hard times, and love all of the time. We promise that our love for you will never fade and that your child will forever know of your courage and your love for him or her. We will always remind your child of the irreplaceable bond you two have. Thank you for considering us as you make your adoption plan. We are praying for you that you may be filled with support and love as you walk through this journey.

-Caitlin & John

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