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Our hope is that when you read this, you know that you are loved, thought of, and that you have such a special place in our lives already. We aren’t perfect; perfection doesn’t exist, but we promise that we are really good at love and family. Your child will be loved every moment, supported in every way, and truly treasured.
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our hearts for adoption

We have always wanted a lot of children, but over the course of our life journey, we have encountered struggles growing our family. We have endured multiple miscarriages/twin loss. Our son was originally a twin, but we tragically lost his sister during the pregnancy and almost lost him as well. Adoption has been written in our family’s story for 5 generations and is all we’ve ever known. It has always been a desire for us and something that we have seen firsthand to be an incredible and beautiful experience. We cannot wait to share the unconditional love, adoption heritage, and family pride that we have with this child.

What Makes Us Tick




It’s our job as parents to create a place of safe, open, and honest communication. It’s important to be vulnerable and honest with what you’re going through, with who you are, and with what you may be fighting so we can truly be there for each other.




It’s so important to us that our kids learn that having a good character is one of the most valuable things a person can have. The strength to do what is right even if it’s not the most popular thing.




Belly laughs should be an occurrence every day. It’s important not to take everything too seriously but to know how to laugh at yourself and find the humor or joy in your situation. ENJOY your life, and don’t waste moments.

Life at Home

We built our home in 2022. The lot was a property that Cassie’s dad grew up riding his horses on with his siblings. When it became available, we knew it was perfect for us. Our home has 5 beds, 4 baths, and sits on 1/2 an acre with a gentle creek in the back. The neighborhood is extremely safe, diverse, and has a great community. Some of our favorite things to do in the home are s’mores in the fireplace, Sunday morning snuggles in bed, star gazing on our rooftop garden, catching crawfish in the creek, or swimming in the pool.

We’re probably playing near the creek, swimming together, picking strawberries from our garden, or baking something yummy in the kitchen!

We love being together as a family. Whether it’s a trip to the family lake house, enjoying pizza and a movie, or doing cannon balls in the pool, it doesn’t matter where we are as long as we’re together.

Our Favorite Things


Family Fridays

We have a weekly tradition called family Friday. Every Friday, we try to do something fun like a pizza night, a game night, a movie night or go for a dip in the pool, some thing that brings us together! The kids absolutely love it.


Making Memories

Some of our favorite memories include our family vacations to Disneyland, Hawaii, and the lakehouse! Holidays are also super special to us. We have so many traditions including going all out for our Halloween costumes, a visit from Santa Clause on Christmas Eve, and a huge egg hunt on Easter.    

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Our Garden

Gardening is our happy place. It’s incredible to be able to plant a seed and watch it grow and flourish over time. The kids have their very own garden that they are responsible for. They get to pick out what they want to plant and take care of it through the spring and summer.

Lili & Bear

meet our kids


Dive a Little Deeper


Drew: My interests are centered around what interests my kids. It could be Hot Wheels races one minute, and playing a part in pirate fairy princess make believe, the next. Playing games, drawing, reading, crafts, biking, playing with the puppies, throwing rocks in the creek, and swimming are some of our favorite activities. When I’m not with my wife and kids, I miss them! So time to myself is usually spent thinking about what we can do next time we’re all together.

Cassie: I absolutely love to bake. I love teaching the kids how to crack eggs, mix the dough, and create something delicious for the family. Hosting is another one of my favorite things. I love when our home is full of laughter. I absolutely love games. Gathering around the card table laughing, being silly, will always be special to me.

Drew: My friends would describe me as loyal, motivated, and honest. 

Cassie: My friends describe me as calming, wise, inspirational, driven, fun, and full of positivity. 

Drew: My kids would say my number one job is to be there to protect them. I’m a safe place for them and they know they can come to me for anything. They would also say I’m silly, a terrible singer, and an even worse artist. I’ll do anything to get a smile and a laugh!

Cassie: My kiddos often tell me I am their very best friend. Whenever they say that, it melts me to the floor. I love being their mother, but to have earned their friendship means so much. I think they would describe me as loving, passionate, fun, and strong.

Drew: I am a Digital Health Operations Specialist, which means I work in research and development within the pharmaceutical community. I have been home based for over 10 years and am able to create and manage my own schedule. I work for a company that promotes a family first atmosphere. This allows me to be present and available to my kids every day. 

Cassie: Flexibility and balance are my number one goals with career! I have been so blessed to own my own business based in beauty and cosmetology for the last eight years. I now Coach business women on their own entrepreneurial endeavors from home. I create my own schedule, and typically work when the kids are at school or in bed. They know they are my number one priority.  

Drew: I hope that our kids grow up to be good people in this world. With so many outside influences around them every day, I want to make sure they see what is truly important. I wish that they will continue to grow close with God and see his example and replicate it their lives. 

Cassie: I pray every night that they are deeply rooted in God’s love and power, that they can be lights to the world. I pray that they can be a helping hand to those in need, that they can be really good at loving others, and that they can always have the confidence and courage to do what’s right.

some final thoughts

before you go

We are so grateful that you’ve taken the time to learn about our family. We know this decision couldn’t have been easy or comfortable, but we want you to know we’ve been praying for your heart for months. The bravery, courage, and selflessness that has led you here is beyond admirable. We will always speak about you with love, honor, and appreciation. Depending on the level of openness you desire, we plan on executing that openness level with love, respect, and gratitude. Thank you again for your consideration; we are excited, open, and so ready to welcome this little one and bring them home.  Our hearts are open. We are praying for you.

Cassie & Drew

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