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We're cynthia & mario

We would like to thank you with all of our hearts for taking the time to read about our hearts for you. 

To us, you truly are the most amazing woman we will ever know! We can’t imagine what you’ve gone through to get here, but we would like you to know how inspired and amazed we are by you.

We are very excited at the possibility of meeting you and walking alongside you through this journey! If you give us the honor of caring for your baby, we promise to love your baby, and give them the happiest life possible. 

We hope we have the privilege of meeting you soon. 

Cynthia & Mario

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We want you to know that you are not alone, you now have the two of us who will pray for you, and champion you. 

Even before we met, we both had expressed our desire to our families to one day adopt a child. We have always viewed adoption as such a privilege and honor, and an act of extreme selflessness on behalf of you, a courageous and strong mother.

We have been on a journey towards growing our family for fourteen years now. When we first started trying, we did not anticipate how many challenges and obstacles we would encounter. In 2021, Mario and I became foster parents to a set of twin baby girls and it confirmed our commitment to growing our family.

Even though it’s been a very difficult journey, our hearts are still so hopeful and so open to the possibility of welcoming children into our lives through adoption. 


family is the

center of everything

If you choose us, we plan to bring your child into a huge and very loving community of people. Your child will have cousins, friends, and a very long list of aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas. 

Mario: My parents are extremely supportive, they are always very quick to step in to be there for Cynthia and I. My mom is the sweetest, she is also an amazing cook! I always tell her she needs to write down her recipes and pass them along. My dad is the definition of a hard working man. He and my mom have both worked and modeled hard work for my brother and me.

Cynthia: My family is fun, loving, and caring. They show up whenever we need them. My sisters and I have a text thread where we share funny videos, memes, and check-ins every week (Mario is a part of that thread too). I see my parents, sisters and nephews once a week. We usually head over to their home on Sundays to have dinner, which always ends up with playing in the front yard with my nephews afterwards. 

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Family & Friends

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dependable | friendly | wise | funny | caring

I am so excited

to be a father for the first time!

I look forward to raising and loving a child. Watching them play and use their imagination to dream and play. I can’t wait to see them become all that they can. I look forward to being adventurous with them. Going to the beach, camping, and connecting as a father with our child.

Creating memories around our home and with our family as they learn about life and grow up to be amazing humans. I also look  forward to seeing my wife be a great mom. I had a glimpse of it when we had our foster twins and she loved them and took care of them very well.


caring | fun loving | good listener | creative

I can't wait

to be a mama for the first time!

I am really looking forward to waking up to a little one playing in their crib, or to watching them sleep peacefully. I am very excited to be able to hear first words, and even changing diapers.

More than anything, I am really excited to step into the privilege of raising an amazing little human, and being there for them through the ups and downs. I have had such a deep desire to be a mother.

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what we value in life...

time together

We have friends that have become family! They have been a constant source of comfort, support, laughter, and strength. Every week we get together to catch-up over dinner.


We don’t give up during the hard times. We are generous and give our time, money, and energy to serve others. We also say, “do the right thing” and live with integrity and honesty.

family & Faith

We love God and our families with all our hearts! We are both involved with our local church. We are honored to serve others and volunteer in various ministries. 

We would love to chat-

We truly hope our profile has helped bring some ease to the next few steps of your journey. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Your bold choice is something we will forever admire, and it is something we plan to share with your child.

We would love to honor you in their lives and share all we can about you with them. We hope to be able to meet you and learn more about your life, hopes, and dreams. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. We pray you are filled with peace, hope, love, and so many blessings.

Cynthia and Mario

Hablamos Español-

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