We are John & Kathy
So glad you are here!

First things first

why adoption?

On our second date in 2011, after getting caught in a rainstorm, we popped into a restaurant. Over cheeseburgers and fries, we dove into deep conversation and shared about mutual desire to one day get married and have a large family. We both come from big families, so we only know BIG families. We love the liveliness of it all, the fun, the chaos, and the feeling of belonging. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We were blessed with three biological boys (Daniel, Zane, and Cillian), but our hearts always longed for a daughter. God put adoption on our hearts after the birth of our second son. We know that a biological daughter was never a part of God’s plan for our family.

The answer is simple:
our family is incomplete.

our lives together


Fun looks different now that we’re in our mid 30’s, with a family, and no longer on the salsa club scene! We love cooking and trying new recipes and hosting friends and family whether it’s to watch sports, host a game night, or spend the evening chatting away. We love to travel, get tattoos, and work on home projects together. We joke that an ideal date night is a $2 slice of Costco pizza and a competitive game of scrabble. Somehow, John always pulls off the win.

Fun factS

meet the boy gang!

Daniel - 9 years old

Daniel is just as analytical as he is athletic. He loves sports and can tell you about every NFL team, player stats, and plays from previous games. Daniel has always had a big vocabulary and energy that never depletes.  By age 7, Daniel had open heart surgery and two hernia repairs. He is a tough kid, and thankfully, healthy as an ox too! He is the leader of the tribe!

zane - 6 years old

Zane is “sugar and spice” and our heart-led kid. He is sensitive, kind-hearted, affectionate and a social butterfly. He is thoughtful and adores his brothers- and is also a tough competitor like his older brother. Zane loves to color, is a whiz with puzzles and is overall very mechanically inclined like his dad! He’s enjoying elementary school and all the new fun he gets to have.

cillian - 3 years old

Cillian is silly, strong in character and is his daddy’s no.1 fan. He literally cheers for him when dad gets home from work. He also does whatever he can to keep up with his two older brothers. Cillian loves cars, pancakes, and morning cartoons. He’s in preschool where he’s learning and thriving while making everyone laugh along the way.

about our family

We love God, each other, and others with intention and tenacity. We have yet to weather a season that God hasn’t brought us through. We often tell our boys that we learn by making mistakes and Lord knows, we’ve made them all. Community and family is everything to us and we believe life is better when you do it with others. 

Over the years, we’ve learned that the best memories are made in the simplest of moments, and not in the grand gestures. Most Friday’s, we order take out, pick a movie to watch, and make a homemade dessert with a side of ice cream. Our boys love playing uno, throwing a football, and pre-bedtime stories with mom or dad.


As a former military family and Kathy being a first generation Colombian-American, we believe that we can do hard things! We once read a story about how buffalos do the opposite of cows when storms roll in. Instead of running away, they turn towards it and go through it. We like the idea of being those types of people. Ones who courageously face life’s unexpected moments head on. 

mi casa es su casa

Our home is a completely renovated split-level with four bedrooms, two full baths, a fenced-in yard with a basketball court and hoop, and big trees to climb on. We also set up a ninja course and fire pit for s’more nights. Second to the yard, the deck is our next favorite spot, where we love to grill and enjoy the weather when it’s nice out. 

We live three blocks from the local elementary school, two blocks from the swimming pool, and are surrounded by walking trails and parks! We live a few miles from the Chesapeake Bay which gives us a lot of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Our area is a true mix of people from all walks of life as we’re close to an Army post and Naval Academy.

holidays & traditions


Halloween is all about family-themed costumes. Over the years we’ve done everything from Ninja Turtles, The Addams Family, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Coco, Sonic, Spiderman and Willy Wonka. We go all out!


Early on we decided that every 5-years we would renew our vows in whatever way felt right at that time. For our 5-year wedding anniversary we had a “cupcakes and champagne” ceremony with 25 of our closest family and friends. For our 10-year anniversary we renewed our vows in Lake Tahoe, NV with our friends (that are also Pastors) by our side.


We jokingly refer to Christmas Eve as “Colombian Christmas” and Christmas Day as “White Christmas”. Culturally, Christmas Eve is when Hispanic people celebrate the holiday. Our traditions include chinese food on Christmas Eve and John’s delicious biscuits & gravy on Christmas morning. We also read The Night Before Christmas before going to bed on the 24th.


Birthdays are a big deal. We always have a family gathering and we often take the day off from work to have a day of fun. We decorate the dining room with balloons, streamers and banners so our kids wake up to their big day already being celebrated. 

before you go

We hope you got the sense that our home is filled with imperfect people, who love the Lord, love each other, and always give it our best. Our home is loud (hello, three boys!), it’s fun, and we are incredibly intentional about being present for each other, our kids, and our extended family and friends.

Our future daughter will know that she is deeply loved by both her birth mother and adoptive parents. She will know that God has a BIG purpose for her life and a family that has her back every step of the way. We love big in this home, and that will never change.  

Thank you for considering our family. We pray that you feel perfect peace and clarity as you decide which adoptive family your daughter is meant to be with. May this journey be filled with all the signs and wonders that heaven has to offer on this side of eternity. 

With Love,
John & Kathy

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