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You are considering a difficult decision that we will never fully understand. We want you to know that we’re so thankful that you’re choosing to love and care for your child through adoption. 

In our family, your child would be fiercely loved. We will do everything
in our ability as parents to care for them and encourage them. We are committed to each other and to providing a steady home and family.

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katie and brett

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Our adoption story


for adoption

We have always wanted to be parents, but didn’t expect the challenges we would face in that pursuit. After finding out from our doctors that we were unable to have a child biologically, we knew adoption was the right path to grow our family. Five years ago, adoption beautifully changed our lives forever. We cannot thank God enough for the women who made us parents through their loving sacrifices. 

We are thankful to have open adoptions with both of our sons’ birthmothers and supporting family. We have allowed their birthmothers to set the tone for the frequency and style of communication they prefer and have been able to follow their lead with what they’ve been comfortable with. So far that has looked like texting, sharing photos, and talking on FaceTime for special occasions, etc.

Nathanial & Noah

Our amazing sons

Nathaniel has always been cautious and reserved, and quite mature for his age! He can take a minute to warm up to new situations and new people, but then jumps in with his gigantic smile, and joyful and playful spirit. He is so bright and clever, so sweet and silly, making us laugh all the time through his dance moves or goofy faces. Nathaniel’s greatest loves are probably trains and being chased!

Noah is very outgoing and social; he makes a friend everywhere we go! We noticed even from infancy how much he loved and took an interest in other people, which has absolutely remained true in toddlerhood! He can be the “life of the party,” and he absolutely loves hugs and babies. Though he loves playing trains and all vehicles like his big brother, he loves to “shoot hoops” and play guitar!

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Brett – Thanksgiving, I love gathering with family and eating great food, especially pie with fresh whipped cream!
Katie – Christmas, Celebrating Christ, gathering with family, and giving thoughtful gifts.
Brett – Traverse City, MI
Katie – Colorado 

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We want you to know that in our home, you will always be honored with our words and spoken of freely.

You are not a secret; you are an important part of our child’s and our whole family’s story, and we are fully committed to helping all of our adopted children, including this child, navigate their adoption through the years as they grow. Just as we do with our sons and their birth families already, we plan  to communicate regularly about your great love, care, and sacrifice for this child.

We so appreciate you taking the time to learn a little bit about our family and are praying you feel peace and freedom in whatever you decide.

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