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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

We hope you feel supported and loved no matter where you are in your journey. We also hope you can feel our love and admiration for you as you learn more about us and how adoption is already part of our story!

We would be honored to hear more about your story as well!

-Rachel & John

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I love working as a chef pursuing my passion for cooking and serving delicious food.

Rachel and I co-own a small Indian food business where I work as the chef. While I was in India, I worked with an organization that worked to rescue people from trafficking and modern-day slavery. I still have a heart to help those rescued from slavery and part of the proceeds from our food business goes to educate children rescued from slavery.

I love to celebrate the seasons and enjoy any excuse to gather with friends and family.

Working as a Children’s Director at a church 3 days a week, I’m passionate about serving others and enjoying life to the fullest! I love celebrating holidays with our family and friends. I even started the tradition of always wearing matching pajamas on Christmas day and making Italian cookies with my mom. We can’t wait for our child to join us in these traditions and start new ones!



A Few Of our Favorite Things


new adventures



ExPLoRing & spending Quality Time With Friends

We love to spend time outside on walks, trails, and biking. We love to have people over to our house or go over to friends’ houses.


trying new restaurants


Trying new restaurants & Dining Experiences

We love to spend time together doing things outside of the home such as trying new restaurants and going to the movies (our favorites are rom coms, comedies, and adventure).


enjoying the little things 


taking the time to enjoy all the little things in life

We really like to have fun and laugh together. I think bringing children into our home will bring a whole new element of joy to our lives. We also love taking picnics, hiking, biking, traveling, and going to Disney. 

chasing waterfalls



Traveling to New Places and spending time outdoors

We also enjoy taking regular vacations throughout the year together. Some of these trips are short weekend trips within the state, visiting other states, or internationally. We have plans to go to California and hope to visit some of John’s family in New Zealand, Australia, and Dubai in the near future.

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Our adoption story


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Disney Facts

Disney hold’s a special place in our hearts! Living in Florida allows us the opportunity to visit more often. We love the sense of special Disney magic and fun!

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our values...

We value fun, play, and being intentional with one another! We love to laugh and value joyful experiences together. 

We understand the value of other cultures. We love being open and gracious to all, no matter their background.

We value quality time together and being intentional. We love spending time with our family and friends.

our promises to you...

We promise to always honor you. You will only be spoken of with deep love and respect in our family and you will always be an important part of your child’s life and our family.

We promise to be fun parents, who are intentional about enjoying life and celebrating even the little things!

We promise to be present and active parents! Whether that is wearing matching pajamas on Christmas day, or carving a pumpkin, or hosting a backyard bbq, we love to create traditions and special memories!

have questions?

Rachel's answers -

My favorite food is pizza! It reminds me of my childhood and pizza nights with the family. We have a lot of great gourmet pizza restaurants in town and I love to try all the varieties and toppings, but also just love a good ole’ Papa John’s pizza!

I love going hiking on trails with John, being in nature, and the beauty of the outdoors. This has always been something that gives me life and makes me feel alive.

Buzz Lightyear – I’m a big fan of the Toy Story movies and I always thought Buzz Lightyear was hilarious.

John's answers -

Biryani, this is an Indian rice dish. It is very flavorful and reminds me of India.

Cricket. I love to watch and play Cricket. I played Cricket in College. 

Mickey Mouse. I never knew about Disney or Disney movies until I met Rachel. It’s been fun to learn all these things and we enjoy going to the parks.

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before you go

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as prospective parents!

If you decide to make us a part of your adoption plan, please know that your child will always know how much you love them and how selfless you were to make the brave decision to place them in our family through adoption.

You will only be spoken of with deep love and respect in our family and you will always be an important part of your child’s life and our family. We would be honored to be able to build a friendship with you! Just reach out-

-Rachel & John

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