Terms and Conditions

In this Client Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”), Clients are requesting to receive design services, video services, and/or online adoption profile services from Adored Design, Inc (hereinafter referred to as “Adored”). By electronically signing below, Clients understand and agree to the terms of this Client Agreement. 

Terms: During the Term, Adored will provide the selected services (the “Services”). Client(s) understand that local, state, or federal laws and agency policies and procedures can change at any time, and Adored is not liable for these changes. 

Design & Creation: Clients understand this Agreement is in effect for up to 6 months for the purpose of the creation of one adoption profile, adoption video and/or adoption webpage depending on services selected from the date signed unless terminated earlier under the Agreements section. 

Clients may request to extend their service term if needed through a 6 week Contract Renewal for an additional fee if approved. Clients also understand that Adored agrees to provide design and creation services until the service is complete or for up to 6 months, whichever occurs first. Once the clients have uploaded all the requested photos, videos, questionnaires, etc, the Adored creative team requires 2 weeks to complete the first draft. 

Online Service: Adored offers to host the client’s webpage, online profile, and/or video that was created for a 6 month period. After the initial 6 month period, additional hosting plans can be purchased. Select pro packages include a 12-month period of online hosting. 

Adoption Coaching: Select packages include three (3) one-hour consultations with an experienced Adoption Consultant and/or Social Worker offered only during the 6 month initial design and creation term or during the online service/hosting term. Additional coaching services may be purchased for an additional fee.

Disclosure: Clients accept and understand that Adored operates as an education and creative design company and in no way claims to be or operates as a licensed adoption placement agency, attorney, or facilitator. Clients must have an approved home study by a licensed home study provider in their state of residence for their page to be published and “go live”.  Adored refers expectant/birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents considering adoption to licensed adoption agencies and attorneys. 

Payment and Fees: Adored fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and due up-front when the Client Agreement is received. Clients fully and completely understand this policy and will not request a refund or transfer for any reason. The only reason a refund will be granted is if the client’s application is not accepted by Adored.

Code of Conduct: Clients agree to conduct themselves in an ethical and moral manner. Clients understand that if at any time during the adoption process that Clients’ behavior/actions are not consistent with ethical behavior or standards of good parenting, in the sole opinion of Adored, Adored can terminate the Client Agreement, stop all services, and no refund will be given. Such behaviors may include but are not limited to: threats of violence, emotional instability, deceit and/or intent to falsify information, hide criminal and child abuse/neglect history, malicious intent, lying, uncontrollable anger, extreme negativity, and/or extreme profanity. Clients also understand that if they display negative behavior that could be deemed as “unfit,” Adored will report such behavior to the Client’s home study provider, adoption agency/attorney, embryo adoption program, and/or post-placement supervisory agency. Clients agree to notify Adored as soon as possible when any major life event occurs or circumstances change such as separation, divorce, pregnancy, change in adoption plans, health issue, criminal event/history and/or child abuse/neglect status, significant loss of income, and/or change of residence, etc. Clients understand that in certain circumstances such as the event of separation/divorce or criminal/child abuse/neglect history status change, or any other significant life change or event that could have an adverse effect on Clients’ ability to parent, Adored may terminate the Client Agreement, discontinue services, and no refund will be given. Clients also understand that if they receive an unfavorable home study, Adored will terminate the Client Agreement, discontinue services, and no refund will be given.

Limitations: By choosing a design service, Clients are hiring an experienced designer or content creator and agreeing to allow them to make the best creative decisions for the Client’s profile, video and/or webpage, which includes themes, colors, fonts, typeset, etc. Clients will have a chance to communicate any design (color or style) preferences, although Adored can not guarantee those preferences will be accommodated. Clients agree to submit professional/quality photos and/or videos per Adored detailed request for kinds of photos/videos needed, quantity, etc. Clients agree to organize and send to their designer or video editor per the Adored profile design process. Two (2) rounds of basic edits are included (with a combined 1 hour of edit time) for each digital service. Additional edits requested by the client will be billed at $100/hour. Design layout changes cannot be made once the profile, video, and/or webpage is complete. 

Digital Adoption Profile Book or Life Book Design Service Agreement: If purchasing a package that includes the digital adoption profile book or life book design service, Clients accept and understand this service includes the layout, creative design, picture selection, and written narrative of a 20+ page Adoption Profile or Lifebook. The client will receive a digital file (PDF copy) of the profile or lifebook and will be responsible for any printing costs as well as mailing the profiles to the appropriate agencies/attorneys (if needed). Clients are responsible for professional photographs. Clients may pay an additional fee of $275 to expedite the profile/lifebook design service if needed.  

Adoption Video Service Agreement: If purchasing a package that includes an adoption profile video service, Clients accept and understand this service includes the editing, layout, and creative design of a 2-3 minute video. Clients are responsible for participating and using a specific app to record an online interview with Adored’s video specialist and submitting additional video (B-roll) footage.   

Adoption Webpage Service Agreement: If purchasing a package that includes an adoption web design service, Clients accept and understand this service includes the layout, creative design, picture selection, webpage creation, and hosting for up to 6 months. Additional hosting can be purchased if needed. 

Production Time Frame: From the time the client has returned all content, photographs, videos, and/or materials to Adored, the creative team has two weeks to produce the first draft of content or video.

Ownership, Copyright, and Hosting: All final materials created as a direct result of this Agreement and specifically mentioned in this Agreement become the legal property of Adored. Adored shall assign rights to the Client for use for the purposes of their personal adoption, which include a digital (PDF file) profile, adoption webpage, video, and/or QR code to be hosted by Adored during the term of the contract. Additional hosting can be purchased for $49/month. Adored shall retain the rights to live, in-person presentations and web promotional use. 

Rights: Clients give Adored the right and permission to record themselves (and their minor children) and to record their voices, performances, poses, actions, plays and appearances, and use their pictures, photographs, silhouettes, and other reproductions of their physical likeness in connection with the creation of content. 

Clients hereby grant Adored, its successors, assigns, and licensees the perpetual right to use all still and motion pictures and sound track recordings and records which you may make of me or of their voice, and the right to use their name or likeness in or in connection with the exhibition, advertising, exploiting and/or publicizing of the profile, video, life book, and/or webpage. I further grant the right to reproduce in any manner whatsoever any recordings including all instrumental, musical, or other sound effects produced by me, in connection with the production and/or postproduction of the video. 

Clients agree that they will not assert or maintain against Adored, its successors, assigns and licensees, any claim, action, suit or demand of any kind or nature whatsoever, including but not limited to those grounded upon invasion of privacy, claims for libel, rights of publicity or other civil rights, or for any reason in connection with the authorized use of my physical likeness and sound in the video or webpage as herein provided.

Clients also give permission to use any recording of themselves on videotape, film, audio tape, photographs, paper, digital medium, or otherwise taken of them for any purpose and in any and all media now or in the future. Clients certify and represent that they are over 18 years of age and have read the foregoing and fully understand the meaning and effect thereof. If children are present in video or photographs, Clients give permission (or have been granted permission by the legal guardians) for the children who appear in the video, profile, and/or webpage to record their voices, performances, poses, actions, plays and appearances, and use their pictures, photographs, silhouettes and other reproductions of their physical likeness in connection with the creation of content.  

Client Obligations: Clients agree that Adored’s ability to perform its obligations under this Agreement is dependent on the Client’s timely fulfillment of obligations. Adored can not be held liable for any costs, charges, or losses sustained by the Clients arising directly from any failure of the Client to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement. The Client warrants that all assets, concepts, materials, photographs, content, specifications, information, and instructions provided by Client may be exploited without violating any laws or infringing rights of any third parties. 

Liability: Clients are responsible for obtaining all legal clearances required for the performance of services, including being free to enter into this Agreement and that Clients are not party to, or bound by, any contract, the terms of which would be inconsistent with or contrary to the terms of this Agreement. Clients agree to assume ALL liability and responsibility and hold harmless Adored and any representative liable for state laws, changes to state laws, and/or regulations preventing payment for services provided. Adored can not be held responsible for delays or nonperformance caused by activities or factors beyond its control, failure by the Clients to timely furnish information or approve/disapprove work, or faulty performance by the Clients or others, including third-party contractors hired by Adored or the Clients. Adored shall not be liable for any indirect, third-party, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages arising out of this Agreement. 

The services and work product of design are sold “as-is.” In all circumstances the maximum liability of Adored to Clients for damages for any and all causes whatsoever, and Clients maximum remedy, regardless of the form of action, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, shall be limited to the net profit of Adored. In no event shall Adored be liable for any lost data or content, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages arising out of or relating to the material or the services provided by the designer/content creator, even if Adored has been advised of the possibility of such damages, and notwithstanding the failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy. 

Clients understand they should avoid uploading and sharing images/media with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the Adored website can download and extract any location data from images on the website. Clients should only share images/media that do not have the client’s name(s) in the file name.

Designer Acknowledgement: Clients acknowledge and understand Adored is comprised of multiple designers and content creators. Clients understand they will be assigned to a specific designer or content creator and remain with them throughout the term of this Agreement in order to provide continuity of services. In the event the designer/content creator is unable to complete services, Clients will be transferred to another capable Adored team member to provide services. Clients also understand that Designers/Content Creators may operate as independent contractors and Adored can not be held liable for contractors’ actions. Adored shall retain all rights to their training materials, proprietary materials, illustrations, graphics, adoption profiles, webpages, videos, or other artwork.

Release: Clients agree that photographs may be altered or modified and used in order to provide the services. The clients also understand that Adored does not have to make changes to the profile, video, and/or webpage once it is complete without billing additional fees. Clients also understand and acknowledge that the cost of printing and shipping the profile is an additional expense that can be completed through the recommended printer or through another third-party printer. Typical reprint costs are $7.00 per profile. 

Clients also grant Adored the right to share their adoption video, webpage, and/or profile with adoption agencies, attorneys, embryo adoption programs, adoption organizations/professionals, and/or share publicly online and on social media. If client does not wish to have their digital content shared by Adored, they must submit a letter in writing to Adored (hello@adored.family). 

Confidential Agreement: Clients agree that all the information obtained from Adored is a paid service to be used only for the sole purpose of the Client’s personal adoption and is considered confidential only to paying clients. In addition, ALL of the documents and communication Clients receive from Adored are part of our paid services and are the property of Adored. Sharing and/or distributing this information obtained from Adored in any manner, at any time, is strictly prohibited and in violation of this Agreement. Clients understand and agree that this Confidential Agreement will remain in effect even after Client’s adoption is complete. Clients agree that sharing and/or distributing any confidential information provided by Adored could result in legal action against them.

Non-Compete Agreement: Clients agree during the term of this Agreement and for a period of 36 months immediately following the termination/fulfillment of this Agreement, whether such termination is by Adored or the Clients, that Clients will NOT engage in, consult/contract with, or hold any position as a shareholder, director, officer, consultant, advisor, advocate, independent contractor, employee, partner or investor, or otherwise assist as a part of any business entity in any state of the US, that is engaged in any activities which are competitive with the business of providing profile design, online profiles, adoption videos and all business activities reasonably related to Adored.

Indemnification: Clients shall indemnify, defend (at their own cost and expense), and hold Adored and its officers, employees, contractors, and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, suits, demands, damages, losses, and expenses arising from any breach, misrepresentation or other act or omission of the Clients. 

Legal Venue and Mediation: Clients understand and agree that this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Georgia and venue for any and all action or legal proceedings pertaining to this Agreement shall lie in Cherokee County, Georgia.  Clients also agree that prior to any action or legal proceeding pertaining to the Agreement or Adored services, they shall enter Christian mediation which shall be conducted in Cherokee County, Georgia.  

Client Acknowledgements and Permissions:

By electronically signing this agreement, Clients agree to all the terms and conditions and provide permission for Adored to process non-refundable payment to receive services. Clients also understand this agreement contains the entire Agreement of the parties and supersedes any and all previous Agreements, written or oral. This Agreement may only be amended or modified in writing and signed by both parties. Headings in this Agreement are for convenience only and do not confer rights or obligations, nor alter any terms of this Agreement. The provisions of this Agreement, that by their terms call for payment or performance subsequent to the expiration or termination of this Agreement, shall survive beyond termination.

By submitting an application, I am typing or signing my name, and I am using my Electronic Signature to legally sign and give my consent on the date of submission.